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Formatting Guidelines for .sBBS

First of all, read Creating a Media Wiki Page. You will notice that instead of just capitalizing a phrase or something, there is a format to follow;, a prefix, a colon (:) and then the file name. So, for example, the DnD page name is RPG:DunegonsAndDragons.

All Page names on sBBS will conform to the following guidelines, or they will be renamed or removed without prejudice

If you are creating a subpage of a game, for example, a DnD campaign, you will use the prefix of 'DnD'.
For example, the main page of the Krizen Isles campaign is named, DnD:KrizenIsles. A Shadowrun campaign would use 'SR', a Storyteller one, 'ST', etc. Use your head. All I ask for is consistency.
A the bottom of each campaign page, use the Category tag, DnD, ST, SR, etc.
For example, the bottom of the Krizen Isles campaign pages are tagged with [[Category:DnD]].
If you are creating a subpage of a campaign, create a prefix for that campaign and stay consistent!. Characters created for that campaign will use the campaign prefix as well.
For example, the pages within the Krizen campaign use Krie:HistoryofKrie, Krie:Religions, etc.
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