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The Shortlist

  1. Creating a Page is mostly the same as before.
    • Put the new page name on an existing page, save it, then click on your new link and it will drop you into the editing for your new page. The only things that has changed is the naming convention for the wiki, See sBBS's Formatting Guidelines for that.
  2. Markups have changed
    • Instead of using double *'s for bold, and double /'s for italics, you'll use '''Bold''' (triple ') for Bolding something, and ''Italics'' (double ') for using Italics. More information can be found in Formatting Help
  3. You can upload your own images without FTP access.
  4. Lists, Tables, and Formatting have changed, all for the better
    • MediaWiki has a much better and more accessible table and list markup system. Again, see the Formatting Help at MediaWiki. In addition, most HTML code works 'As is' with no special breaks needed.
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