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Bounty Hunter

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On darkened night a nervous figure splashes through a lonely alley. He should be elated, it took cops, lawyers and a judge to fuck up bad enough for him to be on the streets again, but he cant shake the feeling that something bad is coming. He looks over his shoulder again and freezes. A patch of darkness seems to gather shadows to itself at the entrance to the alley. Nightmares from his childhood rear up in his mind, he grabs a pipe from the ground, it gives him a meager portion of strength. Then his world explodes in light and pain as a knife slides into his kidney, and a grimy hand slides over his mouth. He can barely comprehend the world, much less the graveled voice in his ear telling him "Theres no more room in the world for your kind." He slips into oblivion never knowing how he got there.

Out look on life

Bounty hunters see the world in black and white. You are either something evil to be hunted and killed, or someone who hasnt fallen to evil yet. They enjoy having a pack to hunt with, but prefer to be in front, not being lead. They dont have to be in charge of a group, but if they dont respect their leader they can be difficult to deal with. They are wolves hunting a world of black sheep.

Karma Ritual

The Bounty Hunter spends a few minutes reading or listening to the morning news waiting for a story about someone who has done something he judges as evil. This can be anything from child abduction to prostitution, it doesnt matter as long as the Bounty hunter perceives them as evil. He then quietly lays back on his bed and performs a hunt in his mind. He plans every step of the hunt from the crime scene to catching the villain. The ritual ends with the villains arrest, or execution.

Adept Powers

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Third Circle

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Seventh Circle

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