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'''Sixth Circle'''
'''Sixth Circle'''
*[[EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:EarthEndures|Earth Endures]]
*[[SD:EarthEndures|Earth Endures]]

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Combat Mage

Back to Adept Paths

Ahh here it comes. All around this red haired figure a gun fight rages. He waits for the perfect moment, energy building, mana burning his soul and mind, he barely holds onto the power. His fingers itch, his eyes tear up, his soul burns. Just before he cant hold it any longer a door opens, and before he even acknowledges whats inside he releases the mana fueled rage and destruction. He screams out the pain, loving every moment of it, as a giant ball of annihilation flies from his hands, into the room holding the, uhm, runners? No, uhm - ahh who cares, right now theyre the bad guys. There is a deafening boom, his own touch added to his spell, and pieces of the other guys come flying out. He quickly rolls out of the way as a spray of bullets come from a straggler, who is quickly dispatched with a much smaller stream of acid. The mage stands up and looks around at what hes caused, pretty pleased with himself. The..uhm swat guys? yeah thats it, that he is with can only stare. He doesnt notice.

Out look on life

These guys love a rush. They dont like waiting for the next thrill. The world makes them, because lets face it there are bad things coming and sane men may not face them. These mages may not answer the worlds greatest quandarys but when a horror shows up to eat your face they are quick to jump up and melt a hole through their soul.

Karma Ritual

The Combat Mage sits on the ground, legs crossed and eyes closed. There is a static build up around them as they gather energy into themselves. Soon sparks begin to leap off them to the surrounding area, and then the mage opens his eyes. The power build up is great enough that his eyes glow like halogen bulbs. When the mage can no longer stand the build up he releases it in a torrent, burning a hole into astral space. The hole instantly closes, but the mage knows it happened, his first destructive act of the day done.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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