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'''Sixth Circle'''
'''Sixth Circle'''
*[[SD:EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:BindSpirit|Bind Spirit]
*[[SD:BindSpirit|Bind Spirit]]
'''Seventh Circle'''
'''Seventh Circle'''
*[[SD:EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:EnhSpellMatrix|Enhanced Spell Matrix]]
*[[SD:ManaWarp|Mana Warp]]
*[[SD:ManaWarp|Mana Warp]]

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Contemplative Mage

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in progress

A green hologram floats in space in an almost empty room. The only occupant stares at the glowing spell form trying to decipher where his error lay. He walks around and around it, probing with magic and technology, trying to find its flaw. In a moment he shifts a few lines slightly and looks satisfied. The hologram disappears and he concentrates on the spell form. In astral space a series of threads tie themselves into a complicated knot until they match the hologram exactly. He draws a deep breath and expels mana through his new filter. The room is instantly filled with pure white light, then nothing. Sensors take a moment to return to normal, when they do they find the mage clearing his own vision. He speaks to the air, "Taints still here, Ill keep working on it." He brings up his matrix again, looking for the flaw in his design, it must be there somewhere.

Out look on life

You do plan on solving the mysteries of the universe, and yes you are a rocket scientist, well a magical one anyway. You may not be the best guy in a fight, but when someone needs an answer to anything magical you are the guy to go to. You love to study, to learn and make real advances in the field of magic. Bad things are here, and the people who came before you werent prepared. You will leave enough that the people who come after you will be prepared, and one day what youve passed on will win this war.

Karma Ritual

The contemplative brings up his matrices and begins to weave and unweave spells. He finds a spell that calls to him and settles on it. He then goes over every inch of the matrix. He touches each section, and looks for even the smallest of flaws. He touches and moves and and draws the matrix, trying to find even the smallest change to make. The ritual ends when he is satisfied with the spell, even though the same spell may be tested again tomorrow.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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