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Covert Op's Specialist

Back to Adept Paths

Theres no light in the office, but all the same a lithe figure strolls confidently through it. She doesnt like her target, rodents have always bothered her, but a job is a job. She quickly locates and opens a safe and extracts the chips she was sent to retrieve. A sudden noise makes her drop to the floor. She looks around and sees the cause, just her second target, the rats. Feeling a little silly she stands up and looks at the hated critters. Quieter then the rats, she quickly gathers both of the hairless beasts into a pouch. She walks right out of the building, tossing a guards stolen uniform while she sheds his face. Magic makes this all to easy.

Out look on life

Locked doors are an invitation. Secret files scream out to be read. Dont Touch this signs.... well they might as well be giant red shiny buttons. Information wants to be free is an old saying still true today, and she holds the keys to the lock. Curiosity killed the cat, which is a pity for the cat, but the cat didnt have magic on its side, so this gal will stick with curiosity.

Karma Ritual

The specialist takes out a practice lock. One they carry around with them at all times. She then unlocks and relocks the lock as many times as she can in 30 minutes, never doing it the same way twice. The ritual ends when she has made it impossible for herself to open the lock another time.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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