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=Drone Rider

Back to Adept Paths

Many people would find the lack of animals, or even plant life discomforting. the only living figure in the auditorium doesnt seem to mind though. He strolls through his collection of metal friends pausing to have a word with each of them. He comes to his newest acquisition, a cute little drone that tried to kill him yesterday. the pit bull sized walker sits back on its hind legs to bring its head even with the Rider who pats its head like the family dog. The killing machine actually feels joy at his touch for the first time in its existence, in fact it realizes it exists for the first time. The Rider gives it a quick polish and moves onto his next friend, leaving a warm feeling behind him, in a cold metal breast.

Out look on life

Riders are a different breed. They seem to suffer from some of the same effects as low essence, even when their essence is full. They have a hard time with people, preferring the company of machines. They always seem to be distracted when interacting with people, and fully come alive when dealing with anything electronic.

Karma Ritual

The Rider surrounds himself with his drone friends and spends some time learning what they learned the previous day. This is a lot like a morning brunch as the drones recharge and cement there bond to there Rider and the Rider often eats his breakfast with his friends.

Adept Powers

First Circle

  • [[SD:BondDrone|Bond Drone]
  • [[SD:ECM|Electronic Counter Magic]

Karma Ritual Rainmaker Ride Drone Utility Arm __Second Circle__ Durability 1/1 Drones Best Friend Gun Arm Make Do __Third Circle__ Diagnostic Scan Durability Drone Repair Drone __Fourth Circle__ Bond Vehicle Drone Weaving __Fifth Circle__ Stunt Part the Steel Sea __Sixth Circle__ Drone Stealth


__Seventh Circle__ Voltron


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