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The Face

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Living in the shadows isn’t all about big guns, major mojo, and dancing the electron two-step. Sometimes a more personal approach is needed, and that’s where the Face comes in. As the public persona of the shadowrunning team, she uses her charm and charisma to negotiate with Mr. Johnson, wine and dine information sources, and talk her way out of tricky situations where blazing guns aren’t the smart way to go. The Face’s strengths are in her wide web of contacts and business associates, her magnetic personality, and her uncanny ability to figure out what people want and give it to them—all the while cutting a better deal for herself and her team. She’s got style, she’s got flair, she’s up on all the latest fashions and trends, and she’s just as comfortable chatting over drinks with a corporate bigwig as she is discussing this year’s Urban Brawl draft with a group of sprawl gangers. She’s the consummate social chameleon, easily slipping in and out of character to make the best of any situation

Outlook on life

Everybody needs a friend like me. Talkin is the way out of every situation unless the other person just doesnt get it, then the hideout pistol helps. Really though, everyone in the world is your friend, they just dont know it yet.

Karma Ritual

The face leaves his comfort zone to find someone he doesnt know. He spends time talking them up, getting to know them, find out about there family and there troubles. The face helps them with some problem they are having and the karma ritual ends when the new friend feels better about there life, about 30 minutes after meeting the face.

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