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The Ganger

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A stupid kid stares at a street sam in his territory. "You got the wrong colors on fancy boy, you dont belong here, you got to pay a toll now" He puffs up his chest feeling important, a rusted piece of rebar in his hands. The sam makes a terrible mistake and blows the punk off. " Hey pretty boy Im talkin to you!" The sam turns and makes his final mistake, and shoots the dumbass punk. The punk was only bait though, someone trying to be a Ganger. Before the sam puts his gun away the rest of the gang falls on him. The next day he shows up in pieces on the black market, and a hotel full of vermin gets a decent meal.

Out look on life

Youre part of a pack. You have friends to rely on. Not everyone can say that, but out here if you dont youre dead. You survived horrors most people never even read about, and now youre a head above the rest. Youre tough, youre mean and you are grade-A bad ass, and if someone doesnt understand that you gotta make em. After all, if no one knows youre tough youre gonna have to prove it all the time.

Karma Ritual

The Ganger gathers as many people around him as he can. He shares his food, doing his best to make them strong like he is. He teaches them something, even if its small, that hes learned through his trials. He vows to take care of his gang and support them, and gets them to swear as well. Often this ritual is done with the young in the gang to teach them how to survive, to make the gang stronger, to grow.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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