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The Gunslinger

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Two men stare at each other, each knowing they are facing death. One has the shakes, brought on by cyber enhanced reflexes, the other is calm. The shaker has a hard time with this moment, as everything slows down he just wants to act. The other guy, the Gunslinger, just calmly waits. Something happens, a car backfires, or a dog barks and they both draw. Cyber enhanced reflexes fire, electricity races through a tormented system, a slightly numbed hand grabs a familiar pistol and synthetic muscles contract to draw. A hyper enhanced mind reacts almost fast enough to see the bullet that tears through it, but it never has time to fully comprehend what just happened. The Gunslinger puts his gun away in one smooth motion and moves on.

Outlook on life

The Gunslinger is a hero from the old days, born in the wrong time. She believes in right and wrong, and a fair fight. Of course shes not above, drinking, gambling and a good bar room brawl, but in the end shes the good guy. Slappin Iron isnt her first answer to a problem, but when the time comes, when that fraction of a second when a life is decided, when that blink of an eye stretches out into days, shes never more alive.

Karma Ritual

Standing in front of a mirror the Gunslinger faces her equal. She stares into her own eyes watching for her own tells. She magically reaches out and grabs that moment when everything slows to molasses and then she draws. The ritual ends when she finally manages to beat her reflection.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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