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The Reality Hacker

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Your world is an illusion. No, its not just a philosophy. Look around you, what do you see? sure, streets, people, cars, flying drones and... Augmented Reality. Yeah that's right. depending on how your comlink is tuned I bet at least fifty percent of what you see is good old "AR". Illusions. It's not real. It's bits and bytes of data flying around your head, telling your brain what it should really see. That girl's profile - she is totally into you man, three friend requests since she picked up her soykaf, you should see if she is free tonight. That guy over there - he's having a conference call with his sales manager in London, while having mind blowing matrix sex with a thirteen year old girl in Thailand, and punching his timeclock at work for having a "business meeting" over lunch. Those drones - spamming you with adverts from Bob's Big Autos, those traffic lights, telling cars when its time to go. You think those drivers are actually driving? No way. The modern world lives and dies by "AR". Humanity is totally dependent on this consentual mass illusion we've created for ourselves. I love it here.

Outlook on Life

The Reality Hacker is part hacker, part stage magician, part existential philosopher. He's made the connection between hacking the matrix, and hacking the shared reality of mankind. oh, he can break into the top tier systems, get your data, and get out. He can also hack your brain and make you see whatever he wants, wether your comlink is on or not.

Karma Ritual

The Hacker locks himself into his own comlink orphaning all devices on his PAN and setting all the backdoors and passcodes to randomly shift every few micro seconds. Then he gives them a full minute head start - a lifetime in HOT Assist - and then attempts to break out of his own prison; racing against the randomly shifting security. The Karma ritual ends when the hacker reestablishes contact with every device on his PAN and gains control of his system again, realizing no virtual prison can hold him.

Adept Powers

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