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Street Samurai

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She looks around taking everything in with a glance. Her team is pinned down, but under good cover. They need to move fast, those are Lone Star lights coming. Three opponents. Mage, hes the most dangerous, got to kill him now. A troll and an orc. Both look tough, some obvious cyberware, eyes, a hand and the orcs skin is either synth or hes got some kind of disease. She inhales. Willing her body to speed she matches, then exceeds the orc and troll and moves. She rolls from behind her corner and shoots out the mages right eye. Pretty sure hes done. The Trolls sprays her with a HK227X, must have hot loads in because they actually hurt a bit. She flips over the solid slug shot from the orc though, thats a big gun. Not gonna kill the troll in one shot, but his gun explodes nicely. As the orc takes aim, she blows his right hand off neatly at the wrist. She lets out the breath she was holding to shout "Run!" at her team…

Out look on life

The Sam sees the world through the lens of the warrior. He sees the streets as his battlefield, and hes in charge. When a fight breaks out, the only surprise is that it didnt start sooner. The rest of life is a bit dull to the Samurai, only combat feels real. He was chosen to champion his cause, and no one does it better.

Karma Ritual

The Samurai clears an area around him, slowly cleansing the space of all distractions. He then sits and meditates on his body and how it moves. Then he slowly rises and draws his favorite weapon. Ever faster he begins to move through kata forms for each of his weapons until he is a blur that few can follow. The Ritual ends with the Sam returning his last weapon to its sheath and working through a unarmed martial kata, slowing his body until he is still.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle;;;

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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