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The Summoner

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She settles into her favorite couch, exhausted after another to long day. A monkey hops onto her table and helps pull of those shoes, which while they look good, are just to tight to wear for nine hours. The lights are dimmed by a statue near the door and she smiles as a little of her tension eases. A light breeze brings the smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen and she visibly brightens. Coming home to her friends, and a home cooked meal is all that keeps her going sometimes. A leafy plant near her feet rubs some aloe into her aching soles while a very stereotypical British butler brings her the wonderful smelling dinner. Everything is complete when a shaggy dog brings in her slippers and settles down in front of her to get its ears scratched, and maybe beg for scraps.

Out look on life

The summoner is never alone. Even a ganger is alone sometimes, but not the summoner. She has friends at her beck and call, and for her it is spirits. She loves those that serve her, and they love her. She doesnt command the spirits, she asks for help and they provide. She doesnt like being hands on, she prefers standing back and letting her pumped up friends do the job for her. Its good to have friends.

Karma Ritual

The summoner picks a domain and surrounds herself with it. Whether it is a swimming pool, a bonfire or a cage full of curious pandas she is not harmed by that domain for the duration of the ritual. She then summons every spirit she can in that domain, spending a few minutes with each to become there friend. She laughs and creis with each spirit, feeling what it feels until she can find no more to commune with. The experience leaves her spent, and refreshed at the same time, and always with a few more friends to call on.

Adept Powers

First Circle

Second Circle

Third Circle

Fourth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

Seventh Circle

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