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Urban Shaman

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Welcome to the Jungle. The Urban Sprawl is just as dangerous of a frontier as any deep jungle found in South America, and the Urban Shaman is just as in tune with his jungle as any tribal shaman is with his. Urban Shaman embraces the wild frontier that is the Urban Metroplex. They meditate to the sound of rush hour downtown, they reflect upon the skyscrapers, they dance to the tribal beat of the hottest nightclubs - they embrace the urban lifestyle and understand the deeper spirituality to be found within. They feel the ebb and flow of the city, and all the souls (alive or not) that ride the bus lines within.

Outlook on life

The Urban Shaman understands, even if others dont, that the City is alive. It has a spirit, and they commune with it. Part hip urbanite, part street side preacher, part Neo-tribal shaman, and all Adept, the Urban Shaman knows his territory, and knows his place within it.

Karma Ritual

The Urban Shaman wanders the city streets during a rush hour. This can be in the morning, evening, or lunch hour. He sets no path for himself - he can walk or take public transit and when the time is right, he halts where he is and meditates to find the Spirit of the City. His meditation (and the ritual) ends when he understands how the particular piece of the city he finds himself at belongs to the whole of the Plex.

Adept Powers

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Seventh Circle

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