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Weapon Specialist

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While the rest of the group is getting dressed the specialist opens her trunk and ponders what to bring. Have to bring the fine blades because things are gonna get close, the warhawks for the same reason and because no firearm is more reliable then a revolver. Medium range, hmmm. She passes over her AK-97, the Ingram Smartgun X, the Remington 990 and finally settles on the HK XM30. Now for distance, the ranger Arms SM-4 or the Ares Odysseus heavy bow? A girl just cant be too prepared.

Out look on life

Remember the girl scouts? Always be prepared? Thats more important today then it was then. There is a tool for every situation, and more important then that, you need to know how to use the tool for that situation. Theres no room in this world for the unprepared, well at least there shouldnt be. When youre not prepared your dead, hell going to the bathroom without a plan can be dangerous. After all you never know whats in there.

Karma Ritual

The Specialist chooses one of her many weapons. She takes it apart slowly, cleaning each piece while she thinks of different situations this weapon is the perfect answer for. Once the weapon has been taken down to its smallest component she blindfolds herself and puts it back together. The ritual is done when the weapon is once again whole.

Adept Powers

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