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I will put tables in later but wanted to get something up here for JohnC


Javier Towers


  • Body (3)
  • Agility (3)
  • Reaction (2)
  • Strength (2)
  • Charisma (5)
  • Intuition (5)
  • Logic (3)
  • Willpower (5)
  • Edge (2)
  • Magic (4)
  • Essence (6)


Group Skills

  • Athletics Group (1)
  • Influence Group (3)
  • Stealth Group (1)

Active Skills

  • Artisan (1)
  • Intimidation (2)
    • Interrogation (4)
  • Pistols (2)
    • Revolvers (4)
  • Perception (2)
  • Dodge(2)
    • Ranged (4)
  • Pilot: Ground (1)
    • Bikes (3)
  • Pilot: Watercraft (1)
    • Fishing Boat (3) This is for my modified Fishing Boat

Magical Skills

  • Conjuring (4)
  • counterspelling (1)
  • Binding (3)
  • Ritual Spellcasting (3)
  • Assensing (1)

Knowledge Skills

  • Criminal Syndicates (3)
  • Forensics (3)
  • Local Gangs (3)
  • Police Procedures (3)
  • Current Almanac (2)
  • Area Knowledge (Miami) (4)
  • Bars and Clubs (3)
  • Local Talent (3)
  • History (2)
  • Magical Traditions(2)
  • Magical Theory (2)
  • Magical Threats (3)
  • Corporate Politics (3)
  • Smuggling Routes (2)
  • Street Values (3)


  • City Speak (n)
  • English (3)
  • Spanish (3)
  • French (2)
  • Aztec (2)
  • Italian (2)



Mentor Spirit

  • Raven (Modified)
    • +2 to Manipulation Spells
    • +2 to Beast Spirits
  • A Raven Magician must make a Willpower + Charisma (3) test in order to avoid exploiting someone else's misfortune to his own advantage.

I am The Law

Allows access to the squad's budget, and has the effect of Made Man for buying gear and the free contact. (Do I choose this contact or do you John?)



  • (Common,Mild) 10pts

Javier is allergic to a special chemical compound. This compound is used in the manufacture of ballistic cloth, making it uncomfortable for him to wear any form of armor directly against his skin. doing so causes a rash similar to hives.

  • -2 while wearing armor that touches the skinn.

this compound was also used in stain resistant fabric popular during his childhood,making Javier a very difficult child to deal with.

Permanent Ineptitude

  • 10pts

Javier's magic is very ritualistic, requiring him to perform all spells as ritual magic. He can never learn the Sorcery skill


  • (Dependent 5, Debt 5) 10pts

Javier's sister is 5000 yen in debt to her drug dealer. He is aware that Javier is a cop and uses his sister as leverage to force Javier to help him on occasion. He is aware of Javier's childhood "Big Regret" so is an advantage in negotiations.


  • 5 pts

Technology and Javier do not always get along. If a piece of equipment is going to break it does so in Javier's hands. Reduce the number of 1's need to glitch by 1.

"Childhood Regrets"
Dark Secret#1

  • 5 pts

We all have skeletons in our closet, most of mine are sealed up tightly in my juvenile record. With no reason to look at it it doesn't effect my job as a cop, however if IA had a good enough reason they might be able to pull it out of the dark cave its in. While my juvenile record wouldn't prevent me from working for Lonestar, it would defiantly put in a glass ceiling. I couldn't work Vice and Major Crimes would be absolutely forbidden. I never want to feel that ceiling push be back down to the trenches of being a patrol ever again.

"Two Dogs Fighting"
Dark Secret#2

5 pts. "In every man there are two dogs fighting, one good and one evil. Which one wins depends on which on gets fed the most. My old man always fed the bad dog wanting it to get stronger, and it did. When I was strong enough the black dog bit the hand that fed it the most, since then I have tried to only feed the good one, but the bad is still strong enough to cause some damage."

In order to get out from under the thumb of my father, a dirty cop, I killed him. No one knows but me but there is no such thing as a perfect Murder and if it comes up than the consequences will be dire.

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