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Path of Elemental Artistry

First Circle

  • Channeling (AS metamagic)
  • Enhanced Vessels
    • Elemental Artisans with this ability my spend 8 hours of work to lower the object resistance of any prepared vessel. They may lower it by an amount equal to their circle.
  • Elemental Attack
    • As the critter power using circle rather than magic attribute
  • Signature Weapon
    • Artisans with this talent are able to create for themselves a signature weapon. This weapon acts a weapon focus with a force equal to the circle of the creator. This weapon only works in the hands of the creator.
      • Fair warning that this item is a core pattern item and contains the true name of the creator.

Second Circle

  • Evoking (As metamagic)
  • Communion (requires Channeling, Elemental Attack)
    • This ability enhances the power of the connection to the elements. An Elemental Artisan with this ability adds the force an appropriate elemental spirit to the damage of their elemental attack.

Third Circle

Forth Circle

Fifth Circle

Sixth Circle

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