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Simon Magus

  • Simon Moreau was the last generation off his family to be born in Hong Kong, his family moved to Hong Kong with the British colonials. His grandparents choose to stay after the return of Hong Kong to China.

But they lost all their holdings in the split in 2015, driving them into the sprawl city. Simon’s parents died in as bystander in a Triad Turf war in 2055, leaving Simon alone. Forced to steal for food he was caught and imprisoned for a year, then kicked to the curb. Prison taught him to be invisible and when to be temper himself for the hard choices. The fear of returning to prison was enough to keep Simon honest, but honesty did not fill his belly.

After a few long weeks living on the street an elf of Chinese ancestry found him. As he reached down and pulled Simon to his feet he said, “I am Sifu Chang, you will follow me.” It was not a hard choice, starving on the street had left few options for Simon. Under the tutelage of his new Sifu, he learned that he was awakened. He was educated in Eastern and Western cultures, and their languages. He was taught how to channel this new power to his will. It was Sifu who taught him the invisible way, how to wear all faces and bodies as if they were his own. Through Sifu he knew freedom, power and wealth. Sifu’s training was brutal and strict, but his knowledge of the path was expansive. Simon wished to serve the Dragon like Sifu. But Sifu would not allow him to join the Triad, he was to remain independent. And after ten years of service to Master Chang, Simon was released. Told to go out in the world and find his own path.

Unsure of where to go or what to do, the Crash 2.0 gave him his answer. He traveled to Seattle and using his knowledge to build multiple personas in Seattle. Taking time he built false lives in not only Seattle but the NAN and Tir. Befriending a Mobster and a High Fashion Diva, Simon took his time to build his own rep, and stand on his own. Master Chang calls from time to time has recently moved to Seattle to oversee some expansion projects.


  • Street Name:
  • Name: Simon Magus
  • Movement: 10/25, Swim: 5
  • Street Cred: 0
  • Notoriety: 1
  • Public Awareness: 0
  • Human Male Age 27
    • Height 6'4 Weight 210
  • Composure: 8
  • Memory: 7
  • Judge Intentions: 11
  • Lift/Carry: 5 (30 kg/20 kg)
  • Nuyen: 500


  • BOD: 3
  • AGI: 3
  • REA: 3
  • STR: 2

  • CHA: 5
  • INT: 5
  • LOG: 4
  • WIL: 3

  • EDG: 2
  • MAG: 5

Derived Attributes

  • Essence:                   6
  • Initiative:                8
  • IP:                        1
  • Astral Initiative:         10
  • Astral IP:                 3
  • Matrix Initiative:         5
  • Matrix IP:                 1
  • Physical Damage Track:     10
  • Stun Damage Track:         10

Active Skills

  • Computer                   : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Con                        : 3                      Pool: 9
  • Data Search                : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Disguise                   : 4                      Pool: 13
  • Etiquette                  : 3                      Pool: 9
  • Hardware                   : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Infiltration               : 3                      Pool: 6
  • Leadership                 : 3                      Pool: 9
  • Negotiation                : 3                      Pool: 9
  • Palming                    : 3                      Pool: 6
  • Perception                 : 4 [Visual]             Pool: 9 (11)
  • Pilot Ground Craft         : 1                      Pool: 4
  • Pistols                    : 3                      Pool: 6
  • Shadowing                  : 3                      Pool: 8
  • Software                   : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Tracking                   : 3                      Pool: 8
  • Unarmed Combat             : 3 [Martial Arts]       Pool: 6 (8)

Knowledge Skills

  • Architecture               : 2                      Pool: 6
  • Area Knowledge: Seattle    : 4                      Pool: 9
  • Cantonese                  : 3                      Pool: 8
  • Combat Tactics             : 4                      Pool: 8
  • English                    : N                      Pool: 0
  • German                     : 3                      Pool: 8
  • High Fashion               : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Japanese                   : 3                      Pool: 8
  • Security Companies         : 2                      Pool: 6
  • Security Tactics           : 3                      Pool: 7
  • Sperethiel                 : 3                      Pool: 8
  • Syndicates                 : 1                      Pool: 6


  • Bob Singing Dove (Salish-Shidhe Border Guard) (1, 3)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait...Name: Bob Singing Dove

Faction: Salish-Shidhe Sex/Race: Native/Human Bob is a Capt. In the Shalish-Shidhe Border patrol. Bob will leak the border patrol schedule and routes from time to time. Bob’s son got sick and Simon managed to arrange the needed transplant in time to save his life. . He has made Simon’s movement from the UCAS to the NANs much simpler.

  • Chris Bale (Fixer - Cleaner) (3, 1)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait...Name: Chris Bale

Faction: Seattle Underground Sex/race: Male/Human Chris is operates out of a small cleaning firm in West Seattle. A former forensic cleaner, he has moved to the more lucrative private industry. As long as KE is not onsite he is willing to work.

  • Lin Yao Chang (Triad Assasin) (4, 2)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait... Name: Lin Yao Chang

Faction: Red Dragon Triad Sex/Race: Male Elf An elegant and austere Chinese elf, Lin Yao exudes an air of professionalism. He’s very reserved and quiet, never smiles, and speaks in short, brief, efficient sentences. He has an unearthly fluidic grace to his movements. He wears his black hair short and close to his scalp, and is neatly groomed and dressed ambiguously. At a glance, his suit could appear to fit in with everyone else’s attire whether you saw him at a club, a megacorp headquarters, or leaping across a rooftop.

  • Mr Marcone (Mob Fixer - Tacoma (5, 2)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait...Name: Mr. Marcone

Faction: Seattle Mob Sex/Race: Male Human Mr. Marcone is a mid-level mobster, he is very influential in the organized crime of Seattle. Marcone is very protective of his people. If one dies in the line of duty or is killed, he invariably exacts retribution. He has short, salt and pepper hair, sun-hardened smile-lines, he had green eyes like old dollar bills. Marcone is good-looking, tanned athletic, and enthusiastic. He seemed more like a football coach than a crime boss.[ Occasionally Marcone displays a characteristic that keeps him from being lumped together with every other evil, hungry predator. For his own reasons, Marcone would go to extreme lengths to help and protect children. For his business, any adult is fair game but kids are off limits. He's vanished every one of his employees that ever crossed the line. He is rumored to have extensive contacts in the Tir, possibly even a Prince. Marcone is on the board of directors of Seattle Historical & Art Society. He owns Executive Priority Health in Belltown.

  • Shir'Ra (High Fashion Diva - (Beyond Tres Chic Fashon) (5, 3)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait... Name: Shir'Ra

Faction: Seattle High Fashion Elite Sex/Race: Female/Elven High Fashion has a dark side, in both theft of design or smuggling of rare or illegal items, all in the name of being Tres Chic. Shir’Ra is a designer based in Seattle, she is always on the pulse of the moment. Shir’Ra is always willing to trade for design secrets or rare goods for information or some Tres Chic on the “cheap” She enjoys working with Simon, his abilities make him as much of a canvas as the fabrics are. Shir’Ra is Simon’s longest friend in Seattle, she still claims to have discovered the greatest model of all time. Simon would never allow her to show case him.

  • Theodor "Tosh" Athack (KE Detective - Dirty) (2, 2)
    • Dos Downloading .... Please Wait....Name: Theodore “Tosh” Athack

Faction: Knight Errant Sex/Race: Male troll Tosh is a Knight Errant detective and works their Special Crimes Division. He’s a troll, and one of the cleanest officers on KE’s payroll. Tosh likes to say that his retirement plan sucks, but he’s got a sweet gig while it lasts. He’s a quick study of human nature and is relishing the chance to flex his authority beyond departmental boundaries. Tosh is a bit of a thug. A big troll, he tops 3 meters high, not counting his bull-like horns. He knows that trolls are expected to be stupid and will play on that stereotype. He’s been frequently cited for excessive force on the job, but he’s proven himself valuable and incorruptible enough to the department that he’s avoided demotion or suspension so far. The Special Crimes Division was set up in early 2072 to handle the overload of cases that came with the transfer of jurisdiction from Lone Star to KE. Their remit crosses departmental lines and the cases assigned to them tend to be the ones that the higher-up want to clean up quietly but forcefully. The officers of the Special Crimes Division walk softly but carry BIG guns. Simon met Tosh in a rough bar, when Simon was the only one to stand with the Troll when it got rough, they became drinking buddies.


  • Adept
  • Sensitive Neural Structure
  • Sensitive System
  • SINner (Criminal) (Simon Moreau (Petty Crime))


  • Analytics Rating: 2
  • Eidetic Sense Memory
  • Facial Sculpt Rating: 2
  • Improved Sense (Vision - Thermal)
  • Improved Sense (Vision - Optical Mag)
  • Keratin Control
  • Kinesics Rating: 1
  • Linguistics
  • Master of 1000 Faces
  • Melanin Control
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Sustenance


  • High Life (John Smith)  3 months
    • Comforts:      Middle
    • Entertainment: Low
    • Necessities:   Middle
    • Neighborhood:  High
    • Security:      Middle
  • Qualities:    
    • Nosy
    • Neighbors [-2LP]
    • Worse Neighbors [-1LP]
  • Low ("Simon Magus (Elf Cover)")  3 months
    • Middle Life (Native)  3 months
    • Comforts:      Middle
    • Entertainment: Low
    • Necessities:   Middle
    • Neighborhood:  Middle
    • Security:      Middle
  • Qualities:    
    • Green Plan [-1LP]
    • Network Bottleneck [-1LP]
    • Witless Protection [-3LP]


  • Armor Clothing            4/0
  • Bike Racing Armor         4/7
    • Bike Racing Helmet        1/2
    • Flare Compensation
    • Image Link
  • Camouflage Suit           8/6
  • Form-Fitting Full-Body Suit6/2
    • Nonconductivity 5
  • Mortimer of London: Berwick Dinner Jacket (Ensemble)4/3
  • Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit Jacket (Ensemble)5/3
  • Urban Explorer Jumpsuit   6/6
    • Urban Explorer Helmet     0/2
    • Biomonitor
  • Vashon Island: Steampunk Corset/Vest (Ensemble)7/7
  • Vashon Island: Synergist Longcoat (Ensemble)6/3
    • Concealable Holster
  • Zoé: Executive Suite Long Jacket (Ensemble)6/2


  • Ares Predator IV
    • Silencer
    • Smartgun System
    • Pool: 8   DV: 5P   AP: -1   RC: 0
  • Colt Government 2066
    • Silencer
    • Electronic Firing
    • Smartgun System
    • Pool: 8   DV: 5P   AP: -1   RC: 2
  • Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun
    • Smartgun System
    • Pool: 8   DV: 5P   AP: -1   RC: 2
  • Shock Glove
    • Pool: 6   DV: 5S(e)   AP: -half   RC: 0
  • Unarmed Attack
    • Pool: 6   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 0
  • Yamaha Sakura Fubuki
    • Stock
    • Smartgun System
    • Pool: 8   DV: 4P   AP: -   RC: 1


  • Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x100
  • Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Heavy Pistols) x50
  • Ammo: Subsonic Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x100
  • Ammo: Tracer (Heavy Pistols) x10
  • Autopicker Rating 4
  • Contact Lenses Rating 3 x2
    • Smartlink
    • Image Link
    • Flare Compensation
  • Earbuds Rating 3 x2
    • Select Sound Filter Rating 3
  • Fake SIN (Simon Magus, UCAS, Human) Rating 3
    • Certified Credstick, Standard
    • Sony Emperor [Renraku Ichi]
  • Fake SIN (George Windrunner, Tir Tangier, Elf) Rating 3
    • Certified Credstick, Standard
    • Sony Emperor [Renraku Ichi]
  • Fake SIN (John Smith, Salish Sidhe, Orc) Rating 4
    • Certified Credstick, Ebony
    • Fairlight Caliban [Novatech Navi
  • Pocket Hacker
    • Agent 3 Copy Protection 3; Registration
    • Browse 3, Exploit 3, Pilot 3 (Self), Stealth 3, Virtual Person
    • Fake License (Yamaha Sakura Fubuki) Rating 4
  • Fake SIN (Lisa Stien, Germany, Human) Rating 4
    • Novatech Airware [Mangadyne Deva]
  • Latex Face Mask
  • Maglock Passkey Rating 2
  • Nanopaste Disguise (Small Container)
  • Nanopaste Trodes
  • Scent-masking Cigarette
  • Tag Eraser


  • Hyundai Shin-Hyung (Sedan)
    • Morphing License Plate
    • Racing Tires Rating 4
    • Vehicle Sensor
  • Indian Pathfinder (Racing Bike)
    • Vehicle Sensor
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