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Armored Flight Suit Armor B:8/I:7

Powered Flight speed 20m(50m)(24 kph(60 kph))
Glide speed based on Wingsuit Rules
(Glide ratio 3 meters forward for 1 meter down. Speed 100M per combat turn(120 kph))
(Based on base Walking/Running x2)
Can make a "Piloting" role as a simple action to increase speed just like sprinting)
(?Use Fly Skill off Athletics Group?)

Basic Bodysuit Costume:

Zoe Second Skin Line 4/1 Availability: 12 Cost:5000Y
YNT Soft Weave Armor (War pg:160)
Carbon-boron +1 +2 (Attitude pg:160)
Color-Changing (-2 Perception) (Attitude pg:160)

Armored Bracers and Boots:

Securetech PPP(Forearm Guards) +0/+1 (Arsenal Pg:49)
Welding laser 4P(Holdout) (Augmentation Pg:47)
Securetech PPP(Shin Guards) +0/+1
Skimmer Discs (pair) (Augmentation Pg:47)
Bracer & Boots Set:
Built-in Utility Kit (Augmentation Pg:46)
Built-in Medkit Rating:5 (Augmentation Pg:46)
Ballistic Mask:
Ballistic Mask (Head) +2/+1 (War Pg:160)
Voice Mask (Arsenal Pg:57)
Ultrawideband Radar R:4 (Arsenal Pg:59)

Winged Backpack
Smartpack Availability:4 Cost:500Y (Arsenal Pg:62)
Quizzel fairy/dragon wings +1/+1 Attitude P:154
Airfoil & Airfoil Mini Thruster (spy p:161)
Wingsuit (War Pg:164)
Balance Tail(+2 balance) (Augmentation P:39)
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