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Lovelace (Matrix Fixer) Connections:4 Loyalty:2 On-line Fixer, able to help with most fixer services, but specializes in Matrix services, and technology. No one knows what she is like off-line, but her Persona is always a hyper-attractive female in the latest Paris fashions. Socializes regularly in various on-line clubs. Owed many favours by various Hackers.

- Better have some credibility as a hacker before meeting her. She has a preference for the Hacker/Decker community, and likes to play favorites.

Twinkle (Fetish Club Owner) Connections: 2 Loyalty:4 Flamboyant Bi-Sexual Dom, with a taste for Skin-tight latex and loud Hawaiian shirts. Owns and oversees, Phalacies, a private fetish bar. New probationary members are expected to be either sponsored by 2 or more long-term members, or can volunteer to participate in an indeterminate initiation period. The Primary club entrance includes a Screening Area to enforce club rules, and prevent unauthorized access to the club. Once past the foyer, a changing room and coat check is provided for member convenience. Once inside, The club is divided into numerous themed activity rooms spread out over the First and Second Floor. The basement has an array of rooms available for private meetings. The club is more themed for play than true masochism, most clients don't have the stomach for true physical violence.

-Good luck trying to sneak anything inside. The Entrance Foyer, Coat check Room, includes Two Multi-spectrum Full body scanners and the Strict dress code can often leave little place to hide anything anyway.

-Luckily the Coat check staff is scrupulously honest and discrete.

Norman Blake (Talent Scout) Connections: 2 Loyalty: 2 A one stop point of contact for who's who in the biz. Able to locate shadow talent and provide introductions to much needed specialists and contacts around the world. Rumored to be a Social focused Physical Adept, but no one has been able to prove this definitively.

-Double cross him, a team mate he provides, or the Johnson he sends you too, and if you're lucky you might live long enough to become a piraha in the shadows.

Dr. Huxtable (veterinarian & Black Market Street Doc) Connections:2 Loyalty: 2 Second rate doctor working an animal clinic in Puyalup, using forged credentials. Can provide no-questions asked top-notch emergency services at a moments notice, but has no long-term medical facilities, so you need to be gone by morning.

-Addicted to his own pain meds, no records of any actual formal medical training, use at your own risk. -Actually an amazingly skilled trauma doctor, has a real talent for medicine. Would have had a great career at any Trauma Ward, but can't control his addictions and refuses to work for any corp facility.

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