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Despite living in Seattle for nearly 4 years now, Nadia has been reluctant to make permanent ties to anyone in the area. She operates mainly by word of mouth, contacts through her team, and her reputation. These contacts are all of a personal nature to her, and usually not business related.

Sashi el-Amin

Sashi el-amin.png
Sashi: Connection ratings

Sashi is Safa's aunt, the sister of her father, Akime el-Amin. Sashi moved to Seattle about 3 years ago, after her own troubles chased her out of Cairo. She is an Anthropologist like her brother and Nadia, but her specialty is more linguistic than cultural. She is fiercely protective of her niece, Safa, and through that, she has a decent amount of loyalty to Nadia. The two women have an uneasy alliance that is more than a little strained at times. She works in the University of Washington Anthropology department, teaching Hieroglyphs and Symbolism.

Dr. Ruben Baroff, phD

Ruben: Connection ratings

Dr. Baroff is a professor of Thaumaturgy at Seattle University. He and Nadia met while attending an estate sale for a prominent collector of Central American artifacts. Both were looking to pick up a few new pieces. Baroff for his personal collection; Nadia, to forge and resell several times. They hit it off well, both not knowing anyone else in attendance, and they've been on several dates. Only recently has it come to light that he is married still. Nadia doesn't mind really, fidelity has never been a big issue for her, but Baroff is a little nervous.

He is a competent ritual magician, though practical spell casting isn't really his thing. He knows a lot about Ancient American magical paths and traditions, and probably knows more about sacrificial magic on the West Coast than anyone who is not a practitioner. This of course, is not on his syllabus. He knows about Nadia's gray market activities, he disapproves, but finds it exciting as well. He also knows about Safa, and the two met once when he was picking Nadia up for an evening out. She is one of the things that makes him nervous. He has a wife and two daughters of his own. He is about 15 years older than Nadia.

Trace Route; Talismonger, Smuggler, Land Pirate.

Trace pic1.jpg
Trace Route: Connection ratings

Trace is Nadia's only "professional" contact, though he would like to make it more personal. They have used each other for both fencing, information, and acquisitions in the past. They met last year while Nadia was attempting to find a buyer for a (fake) 8th dynastic urn she'd acquired (forged). He spotted the fake, but thought it was good enough he could move anyway, and ever since then, the two have kept professional contact on all manner of goods moving. Trace has the serious hots for Nadia, but is professional enough to not leer during a deal. He's a bit of a player though, and Nadia is well aware that flirting with him is a semi-dangerous cat and mouse of 'get what she wants, but only because he's after something else'. He has no real loyalty to her beyond that, but he's not a jerk, and he's not about to screw her before he's had a chance to screw her.

Trace is good at moving things from point A to point Z. Whether Point A is a place and Point Z is a person, vise versa, or any combination along the way, he's your man for making the necessary connections. He's got an eye for magical goods, though his only personal magical ability is assensing. He has his own network of contacts from Salish, to Denver to Aztlan; but good luck getting access to any of them without some kind of price being paid.

Mau Mau; Housecat, babysitter, Cat Spirit

Egyptian Mau.jpg
Mau Mau
2 (5)
4 (7)
4 (7)
2 (5)
3 (3)
3 (3)
2 (3)
3 (3)
7 (10)

Currently host to a bound force 3 beast spirit

  • 3 remaining services
  • Use guard power on Safa: One year
  • Protect Safa from harm

Nadia and Safa's cat, mau Mau, is a pure bred Egyptian Mau, he is well behaved for the most part, though favor's Safa (who spoils him) over Nadia. He is a prepared Vessel for possession, and is often done so by a Beast spirit (a minor spirit of Bast). Nadia often uses the same Spirit, so the spirit has become used to both possessing the cat, and watching over Safa.

Safa al-Bushir

Butterfly Child .jpg

Born in the waters of the Nile, Safa is a bright, precocious, inquisitive child. Nadia has never hidden magic away, or pretended it was anything other than what it is; mysterious, wonderful, and amazing. Safa grew up in a household where spirits were not only a reality, but an everyday part of life; sometimes even babysitters. She loves magic. She desperately, desperately, wants to awaken in the next couple of years. She knows her mother, Nadia, awoke to magical powers at 15, and now eleven herself, Safa is counting the days.

Like her mother, Safa is very quick witted, and has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of curiosity. Unlike other children, and even many adults, Safa has no fear of spirits or magic. If she sees a watcher, or other small water sprite, she doesn't hesitate to ask it what it's doing, how it's day is going, and if it knows her mother. (Safa is still young enough to believe every spirit knows every magician.) She drives her teachers batty inserting bits of knowledge about spirits and astral beings into ordinary 5th grade lessons.

Safa attends a public school in Queen Anne. She's a good student, though prone to distraction. She's a lithe, athletic child, who promises to be a real beauty, like her mother and grand mother, when she starts to grow up. Outgoing and charismatic, she doesn't lack for friends and aquaintences, something which is beginning to become a complication for Nadia and her shadowy lifestyle.

Safa knows her mother doesn't exactly work a desk job like her friend's parents. If the alchemical workshop and antiquities forgery shop in the upstairs loft weren't clues enough, then Nadia drilling emergency plans into her head over and over again would be. She knows what to do if given up to a half dozen different emergency coded messages, either by her own comlink or a message from her teachers. Some are easy and non-alarmist, ("Walk Mau Mau when you get home", is code for "Take the cat, who is possessed by a guardian spirit and take the monorail to your Aunt Sashi's and stay there until I come get you.") to the full on panic mode, ("I'm visiting an old friend from Cairo, make sure you walk straight home", is code for "Do not go home, walk as quickly as you can to the nearest transit station, go to the Seattle Center Mass Transit site, open locker B24A with your birthday plus mine, take the contents, and get on the next train to Portland. Check in at the first Hilton and wait for Sashi, myself, or Myd Knight to come get you.") All of this is super exciting to Safa. She knows her mother is a shadowrunner, like on the trid! It is very hard not to brag to her friends about it, especially when one of them starts going on about their dad's lame promotions at their lame corporate desk job.

Safa's routine goes as follows during the year-round school year of Seattle Metroplex 2072:

  • Get up with mom at 6:15 am, make breakfast, watch morning trid shows ("Magic Ponies and the Magic of Magical Friendshipland")
  • Walk with mom the six blocks to school at 7:05am
  • School from 7:15 to 2:45
  • Wait until 3:00 pm to see if Mom is going to pick her up.
    • Probably not, text her mom to find out where she is, get instructions to walk home, or take the bus to Aunt Sashi's
      • If she takes the bus to Aunt Sashi's, she rides the bus for 42 minutes to the "U" district, on the bus ride she watches, "The Adventures of the Mighty Magacian Morlock" on her com.
      • Get off on University av and walk one block to her Aunt's condo, lets herself in with her personal code and then watches three more shows, including a Reality show about magicians in Los Angeles she's not supposed to watch ("The Real Mojo of L.A.").
      • Eat dinner with her Aunt Sashi, which could be anything from traditional egyptian fare, to whatever Sashi orders from take out. Safa prefers the take out to Sashi's cooking.
  • If she goes home, she'll go home, play with her cat Mau Mau while watching her shows, but because the network in their house stinks, she probably can't stream the Reality show from the CFS.
  • Wait for mom to get home around 6pm, sometimes they'll make dinner, sometimes mom brings take out. She prefers her mom's cooking to take out.
  • Bedtime at 9pm, try to find a download of the reality show she missed stream live earlier so it'll be queue'd up overnight.
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