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Case #00001 "The New X"


  • Juan Gomez is a up and coming Drug dealer working in the Grapeland Heights area. He is a ex-member of the Loco 45's.
  • He is pushing a new brand of "X" that is of a higher purity than what is going around town.
  • Objective of ivestigation:
    • Arrest of Juan Gomez
    • Identification and arrest of supplier.
  • We believe he is still in prison, in a coma. We are waiting on DNA testing and comparison to booking records.

Persons of Interest

Juan Gomez

  • Initial Lead
  • Former member of the Loco 45's
  • Believe Juan to be in prison in place of Allan Rodriguez.
    • Waiting on confirmation DNA test - DNA Confirmed, he is in a coma in Prison
  • Ork

Allan Rodriguez

  • Believed to be Hit man for the Sanchez family.
  • Convicted of 2 Murders
  • Suspect in 12 or more before conviction.
  • Suspect in 12+ Deaths in prison
  • Known to be Physical Adept.
    • Suspected facial sculpt.
    • Suspected to have initiated in prison on path of mystic adept.
  • Currently on the run, man hunt in progress.
  • Identical face to Juan Gomez's processing photo.
  • Current Residence: Apt in Little Havana. Registered to a John Smith (Assumed alias / fake SIN).

Body Guard

  • Material Witness, need to bring in for questioning.
  • Known Cyberware
    • Smartgun Link
    • Muscle Aug.
  • ex member of Loco 45's, Jumped out when he had a child. Has 2 year old son.
  • Demeanor is Homosexual, Brings child in question.


  • Dead
    • Apparent drunk driving
  • Under the effects of Control Thoughts
  • Under effects of massive dosage of "X"
  • Shipping company heiress.
  • Shipping company has known connections to Sanchez family.
  • Unknown residence in Upper East Side.

Tainna Jones

  • Dead
    • Shot in car jacking by Allan Rodriguez(Suspected)
  • Drug Delivery
  • 15YAO
  • Cuban Mulato
  • Run Away
  • Foster System
  • Warrant for stabbing Foster Father in neck with plastic spoon.
  • Deceased, suspected killed by Allen Rodriguez.

Places of Interest

Indigogo Flamingo

  • College Bar (Grapeland Heights).
  • Bar #1 on dealers hangouts.
  • Staff is aware of drug deals
    • Mostly uncomfortable with the dealing but unable to stop it. (potential Witnesses)

Drug Lab

  • Believed to be outside of the city based on spirits inability to locate the lab within its operating time.
  • Port of Prince Haiti is likely location of lab
    • Ship manifest points to port of prince
    • Money from crab shack buy points to Port of Prince

Unnamed Bars

  • 4 other bars where Juan is a regular.

Smugglers Safehouse

  • Located in Roads
  • Initial call for noise complaint
  • House is trashed.
    • 2 day long frat style party
  • Inspection leads to belief that it was Porn recording House
    • Likely BTL production
  • Registered to Fake Sin
    • Lease paind 12 months in NewYen
  • Several Drugs and Alcohol Present
    • "X", NovaCoke, Pot, Alch.
  • Nexix Missing from Master bedroom
  • BMW in garage shares legal ownner in ?
  • 6000 does' of unstamped X found in basement
  • Witness database 100 names.
  • Off Book witness
    • Vanessa Towers

Gathered Evidence

  • 4 doses of "X" purchased from Juan
    • Logged in Evidence
  • Access ID of Juan's new '73 caddy.
  • Photos of Juan's clients at Indigogo Flamingo, obtained via a witness's simsense feed.
  • Buy of 6000 yen of Sombrero X

Related Busts

First Major Bust

  • Tip from Siloette 'contact of Forte'
  • Swat ceased X Kilos of El Sombrero
  • Made arrests of smugglers. Team of X
  • Projected supply ceased is 1 month

Other Notes

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