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Cassandra "Cassie" Novak

Age: 17
Birthday: 4-30th
Concept: Human, psychic - "cousin" to Lydia West
Virtue - Vice: Hope - Envy (Jealous)
Player: Brandy
Theme Song:
Marina and the Diamonds - Teen Idle
Description Notes: Blue eyes, Wears gloves (explained in biography).
Health: 7
Willpower: 5
Morality: 6
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Initiative Mod: 6
Defense: 3
Current Experience: 8
Spent Experience: 149
Total Experience: 159

Character Sheet


(-3 unskilled)
(-1 unskilled)
(-1 unskilled)
Academics S:Research
Animal Ken S:Reptiles
Weaponry S:Fencing

Other Traits


  • Eidetic Memory ••ooo
    • Effect: A near-photographic memory, allowing to recall vast amounts of observed detail with astonishing accuracy. Normally you don't need to roll, unless the character is under stress (such as combat).
    • Roll: +2 modifier Intelligence + Composure or other Skill-based roll (say, Academics, to remember) for memory recall.
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge ••••o
    • Effect: A veritable font of useful (and sometimes useless) information on a wide variety of things. Chances are the information came from something seen on tv or read.
    • Roll: Intelligence + Wits
  • Fighting Finesse (Rapier) ••ooo
    • Prerequisite: Dex *** & Weaponry **
    • Effect: Use dex instead of strength with your favored weapon.
  • Language ••000
    • Latin
    • French
  • Psychic Resistance ••ooо
    • pg 67 WoD:SS
    • Roll: Wits + Composure (made reflexively by the Storyteller)
    • Effect: Your character,has an innate resistance to invasive telepathic powers such as Mind Breaker, Mind Control, Mind Reading and Psychic Empathy.
This resistance might take the form of performing math problems mentally, quoting nursery rhymes or even praying fervently.
With even one dot, the character can tell if a psychic attempts to use a telepathic or other mind-affecting psychic power on him with a successful Wits Composure roll. The character’s Psychic Resistance dots are also added to his Resolve or Composure when rolling to contest any psychic powers that affect his mind.
Neither powers directed against his body (such as Psychic Vampirism or Telekinetic Grapples) nor psychic powers that affect the mind but that do not allow a contested roll (such as Mental Blast or Psychic Invisibility) are affected by this Merit.
The benefit of this Merit does not apply to mind-controlling effects used by vampires, werewolves or mages.
  • Psychometry ••••о
    • pg 41 WoD:SS
    • Effect: Read objects. Objects generally must be small enough to fit in both hands. For every point of size over 3, the psychic suffers -1 penalty. With the 4dot version of this merit, the location and size do not apply. The Psychometrist can perceive the history of any object she can touch, or she can simply walk into a location and "see" the most emotionally charged moments in the recent history of the place.
    • Cost: 1 Willpower
    • Roll: Wits + Composure
    • Action: Instant
  • Animal Rapport (Pogona bearded dragon - white) •••oo
    • pg 57 WoD:SS
    • Prerequisite: Animal Ken **+
    • Effect: You have an innate mental bond with a single animal. You can communicate with the animal, understanding it's barks or hisses as speech and allowing the animal to comprehend the character's normal language. You must speak to the animal, but with the expenditure of 1willpower allows you to communicate non-verbally with your pet. The cost of this merit determines the size of the animal. 3 merits is a size 3 or smaller, 4 merits size 4 to 5, and 5 merits is a size 6 to 10.
There is no out right control of the animal. If you wish it to do something dangerous, you must when a contested roll, which, while generally loyal, does not normally commit suicide on it's Master's behalf.
Resolve + Composure is rolled reflexively by the animal, while a Manipulation or Presence + an appropriate skill is rolled by your character.
The animal your character is bonded with is a normal example of the species, but a side effect of the rapport permanently increase the animal's Intelligence by 1.
Your character must be within line of sight to communicate freely with the animal, but it the animal can hear the character even at a distance (such as Timmy yelling from down a well a half-mile away), the animal likely travels as quickly as it can to it's Master's location.
If the animal is lost or killed, the experience spent or dots assigned to this Merit may be lost or reassigned at the Storyteller's discretion. The character can forge a new bond with another such amazing animal, assuming one can be found.
  • Aura Reading •••••
    • pg 57 WoD:SS
    • Cost: 1 Willpower
    • Roll: Intelligence + Empathy versus target's Composure + Supernatural Advantage (resistance is reflexive)
    • Action: Reflexive (though a subject may have to be studied in advance to make a roll).
    • Effect: Aura Reading blurs the distinction between telepathy and ESP, as it represents a form of psychic perception, but also has elements of mind reading. All living things (and some “unliving” things) are surrounded by a nimbus of energy that is perceptible by psychic means or by Kirlian photography. Aura Reading allows a psychic to perceive this otherwise invisible halo, and with experience interpret its constantly changing hues to gain insights into a subject. Vampires and mages have access to a similar power known as Aura Perception. Aura Reading, does not carry with it the same weight. And yet, a talented psychic can deduce a target’s general emotional state and perform such feats as determining whether the person is lying.
With the 5dot version, a knowledgeable telepath may use this power to recognize supernatural entities.
Vampires - pale auras
Werewolves - silvery shine
Mages - sparkling lights that appear in the patterns
Dematerialized ghosts, spirits and astral projectors- but only faintly (a psychic cannot communicate with them without use of other powers)
Slayer - vibrant intensity
Regardless of the type of supernatural subject, a telepath must have some familiarity with a sort of being to identify it. A psychic who has had opportunity to perceive the auras of vampires might know that a mage is “not right” and also knows that she is not a vampire, but he would not specifically realize that she is a mage unless he also had some familiarity with the auras of willworkers.
Both versions of this Merit require the expenditure of 1Willpower point and an Intelligence + Empathy roll, contested by a target’s Composure + Supernatural Advantage; resistance is reflexive.
The 2dot version requires the psychic to study the target for a number of turns equal to the target’s Composure prior to the roll, and a target may be suspicious of someone staring intently at her if a reflexive Wits + Composure (or possibly Wits + Occult) roll for her succeeds.
The 2dot version automatically fails against supernatural beings. The 5dot version can be used against supernatural beings, but otherwise functions as the 2dot version. Once a psychic successfully reads a target’s aura, the psychic can continue to view it so long as she maintains concentration, allowing her to observe the target for possible deception or even to predict an attack.
A failure on an attempt at Aura Reading means that the psychic is unable to discern an aura at all, while a dramatic failure means she receives false or misleading information.
The Storyteller should always roll for the player when the possibility of a dramatic failure applies. A telepath who successfully reads the aura of someone in the act of lying may recognize that the subject speaks falsely upon rolling Intelligence + Empathy + [the successes gained on the initial Aura Reading roll] versus the subject’s Composure + Subterfuge in a contested action. If the psychic wins the roll, he recognizes the lie.
Applied toward reading the mood of potential combatants, this power grants its user a bonus to Initiative equal to the number of successes rolled in activating the effect, provided the telepathic is actively reading the aura of a target at the time that person initiates an attack.




Opera Style Gloves (colors vary from black to grey)
An Old Tarot Deck


Beard Dragon, White - Wyatt

Fey/Demon Deals

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