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(This is still a work in progress)


"Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer." - Opening Narration of BtVS series.



Creation Rules

Step ONE: Come up with a concept!
"Concept is the stone from which well-developed characters are sculpted." - WoD VtR, pg 90, character creation.
Step TWO: Select Attributes
Primary(5), Secondary(4), Tertiary(3)
All Attribute Dots start with one free dot.
The fifth dot in any Attribute costs two dots to purchase at character creation. After creation Attribute follow the standard xp costs.
Step THREE: Select Skills
Primary(11), Secondary(7), Tertiary(4)
The fifth dot in any Skill costs two dots to purchase at character creation. After creation Skill follow the standard xp costs.
Choose three Skill Specialties.
Step FOUR: Add Slayer Template
Standard character creation rules are in the WOD book PG34-25

Slayer Template

Slayers Role:
A Slayer is a young female bestowed with mystical powers that originate from the essence of a pure-demon, which gives her superhuman senses, strength, agility, resilience and speed in the fight against forces of darkness. She occasionally receives prophetic dreams in the few hours that she sleeps.
Favored Attribute & Skill:
The Slayer can pick a physical attribute (Strength, Dexterity or Stamina), and put an additional dot in that trait at character creation.
The Slayer can pick either Resolve or Composure, and put an additional attribute dot in that trait at character creation.
This can raise the character to five dots, but not above five dots. Remember to recalculate the Slayers Willpower based on her new stats.
Slayers have a natural talent for slaying. Choose either Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Stealth, Survival, or Weaponry and gain an extra dot at character creation.
Slayer Gifts:
All Slayers have the "Quick Healer" Merit for Free. Regardless of prerequisites.
All Slayers have the "Slayer Senses (Unseen Senses)" Merit for Free. Regardless of prerequisites. This merit covers multiple monsters.
Resistance to mystical effects:
The Slayer has mystical potency and may resist any supernatural effect as if she had the appropriate power trait (Blood Potency for vampires, Essence for mages and so on).
Current cap is 3.


Slayer Powers: (Disciplines)
Slayers get 3 Dots to Distribute between her Slayer Powers.
Remember no more than 3 in any one Power.

Primary Powers List

Slayer Resilience (• - •••••) This is primary power. This power does not cost the slayer anything to activate.
Resilience WoD VtR pg140
Dice Pool: None
Each dot increases the Slayer's Stamina by one.
Health increase; size (5 = adult) + Stamina + SR = total
Resilience downgrades a number of aggravated damage points per scene equal to Resilience dots. This damage becomes lethal instead. Aggravated wounds suffered in excess of the Slayer's Resilience dots remain aggravated, however. This downgrade doesn't apply to any aggravated wounds that the Slayer already possesses, just to newly acquired ones suffered.
Slayer Strength (• - •••••) This is primary power. This power does not cost the slayer anything to activate.
Vigor WoD VtR pg141
Dice Pool: None
Each dot of Slayer Strength increases her strength by one.
Additionally, the Slayers Strength affects her ability to jump.
The dice pool to jump (pg66 WoD) is Strength + Athletics + Any relevant equipment.
The slayer's dots are added to the number of feet leapt per-success. On a vertical leap, the slayer jumps (Slayer Strength + one foot per success rolled). On a running jump, the distance jumped is Size + (Slayer Strength + 4feet per success rolled).
Example: Lets say the slayer has a strength of 3, Athletics of 3, Size 5, and a Slayer Strength or 4 and makes a vertical leap. Six dice are rolled (strength + athletics = Any Rel.EQ.) and her successes are achieved. The slayer leaps nine feet upward (2 Slayer strength + 1foot, multiplied by the three successes rolled). Now lets say the Slayer is making a running jump. She crosses a base of 5feet + another 6 (2+4) per successes rolled. If she gets three successes, that's 23feet (6more feet then she would have been able too, if human).
Slayer Speed (• - •••••) This is primary power. This power does not cost the slayer anything to activate.
Celerity WoD VtR pg 123
Dice Pool: none
Each dot of Slayer Speed is subtracted from any and all attacking characters dice pools, as the Slayer moves more quickly than normal and is harder to hit. This penalty to attackers' pool also applies in addition to any armour the slayer may have, as well as Defense (though note, like armour, Slayer Speed's benefits do not diminish based on how many attackers the Slayer faces). Slayer Speed's protection even applies against firearms.
Each dot of Slayer Speed adds to the Slayer's Initiative.
Each dot in Slayer Speed adds to the Slayer's, well, speed.

Secondary & Optional Powers

The slayer may choose from any powers or discipline from the WoD Vampire the Requiem as her secondary abilities. Please run the powers by the GM before adding them to your character sheet.


Animalism (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 115 Power over animals
Auspex (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 119 Preternatural senses and perception
Heightened Senses (•)
Cost: - None to activate
Dice Pool: This power typically has no roll. But, The only time a roll will come into play is when there is a chance for the Slayer to perceive an imminent threat. (Wits+Composure+1)
This power gives the Slayer the ability to see in the dark.
See WoD VtR pg 119 for more Auspex
Cruac (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 142 Blood sorcery
Dominate (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 124 The ability to overwhelm the mind
Majesty (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 128 Tremendous force of personality
Nightmare (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 133 Manipulating fear itself
Obfuscate (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 135 Hiding aspects of one's self, even one's body
Protean (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 138 Shapechanging and adjustments of the slayer form
The Coils of the Dragon (• - •••••) WoD VtR pg 149 The secrets of transcendence
Shifting (• - •••) WoD Immortals pg 107
Tread Lightly (•)
As the first step on learning to interact physically with the Twilight realm, the character learns to transfer a portion of her weight there.
Breaching Barriers (••)
The character learns to shift his body into Twilight for a brief instant. This allows the purified to walk through walls and similar barriers.
Twilight Shift (•••)
The character learns to shift her body fully into Twilight. By doing so, she becomes completely invisible and intangible, and can physically interact with all ghosts and spirits in Twilight. She can also use this power to gain access to the interior of almost any building by walking into it in Twilight and then shifting back to the mortal world inside.
Spiritual Defense (• - •••) WoD Immortals pg 107
Exorcism (•)
The character can drive out a spirit or ghost inhabiting a person or object simply by touching the possessed individual. Exorcism can only be used to protect targets in the mortal world, since spirits cannot possess beings in Twilight or the Shadow Realm.
Touch of Death or Life (••)
The character can either directly attack spirits and ghosts, damaging their corpus, or she can reverse this ability and heal their corpus. The character can use both facets of this Siddhi in the mortal world as well as in Twilight, the Underworld and the Shadow Realm.
Mass Banishing (•••)
Purified can learn to banish ghosts and spirits en mass as well as individually; this power only works on spirits and ghosts that are either in Twilight or that are physically manifesting in the mortal world. It specifically does not affect spirits who are possessing individuals, since they have a firmer connection to the mortal world.

Additional Optional Powers

Devotions are optional powers you purchase with xp for your Slayer. For more devotions check WoD VtR pg 150-153


Body of Will
WoD VtR pg151
Prerequisite: Slayer Resilience •••, Slayer Strength •
Dice Pool: Composure + Athletics + Slayer Resilience.
XP Cost: 15
Each success gained on the activation roll allows the Slayer to ignore current wound penalties, as well as any penalties she acquires from new wounds, or one turn. Therefore,if three successes are rolled, the slayer is wound-penalty-free for the duration of the existing turn and two turns thereafter.
Lessons of Steel
WoD VtR pg151
Prerequisite: Heightened Senses, Slayer Resilience •••
Dice Pool: Resolve + Investigation + Slayer Resilience - opponent's Resolve
XP Cost: 12
In order to activate Lessons of Steel, the Slayer must first suffer an attack from an opponent that successfully inflicts at least one point of damage of any type in close combat. Upon suffering the wound, the Slayer makes a requisite roll. Her dice pool is reduced by one die for each piece of information sought about the attacker (up to a maximum of 5) beyond the first. The information the Slayer seeks must be related to combat or other martial prowess.
For example: Joe's character wishes to learn two bits of relevant information about the opponent that just hit him, so Joe rolls Resolve 3 + Investigation 2 + SR 3 +, minus 1 for the second piece of information sought. One success is achieved and the Storyteller reveals that the attacker has great prowess with a blade (weaponry 4), but rather poor follow-through (strength 1).
This power has no effect of ranged attacks, nor on attacks that are themselves manifestations of other Disciplines.
Quicken Sight
WoD VtR pg152
Prerequisite: Heightened Senses, Slayer Speed •
Dice Pool: No roll to invoke.
XP Cost: 5
Any time the Slayer wishes to observe, follow or examine something that moves too quickly to follow with normal sight, the player may add five dice to a Wits + Composure roll. (Especially fast-moving or small items impose a penalty of -1 to -3 on the roll, at the Storyteller's discretion, for a net of +2 to +4 bonus).
This last for a scene when declared active.
Slayer Potency: (Potency = Wyrd, Blood Potency, etc...)
Give free by GM.
Current cap is 3
Slayer Essence: (Fuel = Mana, Glamour, etc...)
Pool size same as vampire of same potency: 3= 12/1 (See chart)
Feeds by Slaying:
Upon slaying a supernatural creature the Slayer gains The max potency of the creature to her Slayer Essence pool. The equivalent of blood for the slayer.
Example: Abby slays a vamp with 3 potency she would get to add the 3 to her essence.
Slayer Essence Chart
Max Essence/Per Round
Healing with Slayer Essence
The slayer can heal bashing damage quite easily. In one turn, a Slayer can expend one Essence to heal two health points lost to bashing damage. Slayer's that can heal more then one Essence per turn may heal two points of bashing per Essence spent per turn, up to their limit.
For example, a Slayer with Potency 4 can spend two Essence per turn, so she could spend two Essence and heal up to four points of bashing damage in one turn.
Lethal damage heals less easily, since it requires building new tissue to replace and rejoin parts of the character's body. In one turn, a Slayer can expend one Essence to heal one Health point lost to lethal damage. As with bashing damage, Slayer's who are able to spend more than one Essence per turn may heal one point of lethal damage per Essence spent per turn, up to their limit. Both bashing and lethal damage could even be healed at the same time if you can spend time if you can spend all the Essence required to do so.
For more info check page WoD VtR pg173 - Recovery from Damage
7 dots to spend at character creation
Resolve + Composure
Starts at 7
Can sell down 1 Humanity for 5xp, or twice, for 10xp. Putting the character at a 5 Humanity.
More about Humanity WoD pg101 WoD VtR pg182
Choose a Virtue & Vice
Virtue: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, Temperance
Vice: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath
More info on Virtues and Vices in WoD pg100-105
Xp Costs
Trait Cost:
New dots x 5
New dots x 3
Skill Specialty
Primary Power/Discipline
New dots x 5
Secondary Power/Discipline
New dots x 7
New dots x 2
New dots x 3
8 experience points
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