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House Rules

=Character Creation

Make a standard Mortal using the Character Creation from the WoD Base book. +50xp.
(Talk with GM about character concept to iron out all bumps. Remember this is a detective story game based in 1925's Seattle. Female characters are not impossible. Jobs like Secretary, singer, and such are still possible. I'd be willing to let there be a female of the force, but we're going to need a good back story and this reason is more then likely why you end up in the 'Back Room'.)
After the character has been made. Go to pg96 of the WoD Immortals book you'll be looking for the Purified Character Creation Rules. With the Less experienced rules (pg 98 WoD Imortals).
You will be creating a character that has just become one of the purified, use the rules (pg 98 WoD Imortals), except the character would only receive one additional dot in the Occult Skill, the spirit projection power (see p. 106), and the basic advantages of being one of the purified.

This character will not receive any other dots in powers or additional dots in skills and would only start play with the standard 7 dots in Merits.

Players are not allowed to spend xp on their power stat (Blood Potency, Primal Urge, Gnosis, Wyrd, etc...) Gm will "level up" this stat when story is ready.

Merit Rule Changes

  • Merits:
    • Languages ( * - ***** ) For every dot in languages increases the amount of language slots you have. One dot gives you one language; Two dots gives you two languages; Three dots gives you four; Four gives you eight; and Five gives you sixteen. An "Ancient" language takes up two language slots, where as a human language Latin, Spanish and French only take up one slot.
    • Unseen Senses (*) Prerequisite: Mortal (non-supernatural); Wits @@ Description: Covers one Supernatural Creature.
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