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(World of Noir)
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==World of Noir==
==World of Noir==

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World of Noir

The World of Noir, takes the World of Darkness system and sets the world in a Noir Detective film-like setting, where the characters are Detectives for the Seattle Supernatural World.

The year 1925, you're a Seattle Detective and for whatever reason you have found yourself on the wrong side of the Chief's back. Maybe you saw something you couldn't explain? Went off the bend for seeing a man eat his own family? Maybe you simple can't remember, but is plagued by reacquiring nightmares? For whatever the reason you have been shunted to the 'Back Room', to a small office with a small desk and lots of filing cabinets filled with unsolved mysteries.

Game Information

  • Game Master: KeishaMaKainn
  • Game Schedule: To be determined
  • Game System: World of Darkness 2.0
  • Rules for Character Creation: House Rules
  • Cast List - Pc's and Npc's can be found here.
  • Show Theme Song:

In Game

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